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please note, effective September 8th our supervision rates increased to $23.58/hour

CUPE 3766 Days of Work for the 2020/2021 School Year

Special Education Assistants, Teacher Associates, Developmental Classroom Assistants, Interpreters, Structured Learning Assistants, Food Services Assistants, Community School Nutrition Coordinators, Science Assistant and Food Service Technicians are not required to work March 5, 2021; May 21, 2021 and June 30, 2021 and will be paid accordingly to the 192 working days.

Administrative Assistants, Clerical Assistants, Resource Centre Assistants, and Braillists are not required to work on March 5, 2021 and will be paid accordingly to the 194 working days.

Employee Incident Report

If any CUPE 3766 member has an incident at school please fill out an Employee Incident Report. An incident is “an event which COULD or DOES result in unintended harm or damage”. Please request a copy of the Employee Incident Report from your principal and/or administrative assistant.

When filling out any school incident reports please ensure that a copy of the report for yourself and copies of your report are forwarded on to your principal, OH&S Committee at your school, and the manager of Workplace Health and Wellness. If you have any issues with this procedure, please contact Tracey Nostbakken at mttb@accesscomm.ca

CUPE 3766 Members

We are starting new with the personal email loop again. There are several new members in our local and several members who have resigned and/or retired. It is very difficult keeping up to date with these changes without your help!

Could one person in each school, please check with our CUPE 3766 members in their school and ask if I have their email address? If our members do not wish to give out their personal email address, please make a list of their names and the email addresses that you were able to get from our members and forward this information on to me at jackiechristianson@myaccess.ca

This seems to be the most effective way to communicate, along with our web-site, and then everyone should be informed of important information. Hope everyone is having a "smooth transition" into the new school year. Please let your shop stewards know if there are any concerns you have.They are willing to help.

I really appreciate your help in this matter!


 NEW EFAP SERVICESGood afternoon, after many months of meetings, your local is proud to announce, effective March 1, 2020 Family Services will be our locals new Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provider. I've attached their brochure that gives a summary of the services they provide. It is our belief that Family Services will provide improvements to our EFAP services. They will give immediate and confidential assistance (counselling) in person, phone, video conference, online chat, or on line.

A few other services they offer include: manage well-being for yourself/family members, relationships, work; and work-life solutions such as child/elder care, legal consultation, financial advice, improved physical well-being.

As with all services, at the end of the day you get what you pay for. Our new service provider will cost more money as we wanted improved services for all our members, and wanted our members to have access to these services in Regina. That being said, the bonus to our CUPE 3766 members is that we don't ask you to pay for the EFAP services. Your union dues are used to cost share this benefit with our employer.

Please contact Family Services 24/7 at 1-866-757-6620 starting Sunday March 1, 2020!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Restraining Students Certification

If CUPE 3766 Members are instructed by their supervisors to restrain students without receiving the approved certification, please be cognitive of possible accidents, injuries and/or discipline resulting from the unauthorized use of restraints on students.
Cupe Local 3766 Resignations

If CUPE 3766 Members are contemplating resigning from their position in their schools, please contact your Shop Steward or President Jackie Christianson. Resignations are taken seriously and may only be rescinded within 24 hrs.
Performance Appraisals

There has been an increase in the number of our members receiving performance evaluations that are not as satisfactory as our members felt they should have been. If you have concerns or questions about an evaluation that has been done or would like a copy of an evaluation form, please contact your school's shop steward. Your steward's contact information should be posed on a bulletin board at your school and is also on local's website: www.cupe3766.com.

Continuation of Benefits Request Form - Important Information to Remember

If your doctor has requested for you not to return to work and you've run out of banked sick days you may be considered on a leave of absence. You will receive a Continuation of Benefits Request Form. It must be filled out within 14 days.

Several members are placed in this situation every year. It is important for you to consider the form carefully, even if you're not currently in this situation. The form gives you options into paying or not paying for the following benefits: Pension, LTD, Extended Health & Dental and Life Insurance.

It's important to factor in that some of these benefits are very expensive, in particular on a reduced income. However, a few of the benefits are relatively in-expensive, for example the LTD and life Insurance Benefits.

You may choose not pay into these benefits due to your current situation, but if your situation changes; you may require one of these benefits and will no longer have an option of accessing the benefits. Once you choose to not pay into your benefits, your decision is final.

Please contact your Shop Steward, Jackie Christianson or Jo-ann Hincks (306-523-3034) if you require assistance in making decisions on your benefits.

Pension Website

Please check the Regina Civic Employees' Pension Plan website http://www.reginapensions.ca. While there, check out the Member's area with Member Handbook section (for contibuting members), the 'Reading Your Statement' section, Pensioners section, Administration, and News sections. All kinds of valuable information regarding your pension is just a few clicks away.

FYI - Mileage Claims

If you travel between schools in your school day you are able to claim mileage as per our collective agreement. This would include members who have two half time contracts. Please contact your shop steward for further information.

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