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Welcome to CUPE 3766
Dear New CUPE 3766 Member,

As the President of CUPE Local 3766 it is my honour to welcome you to our local which represents over 500 employees of the Regina Public School Division in the following classifications:

Special Education Assistant
Clerical Assistant
Food Services Assistant
Teacher Associate
Resource Centre Assistant
Developmental Classroom Assistant
Braillist 1/Braillist 2
Structured Learning Classroom Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Community School Nutrition Coordinator
Food Services Technician

On our website, www.cupe3766.com, you will find information on our local's latest news and announcements, our meetings, shop stewards, executive, collective agreement, employee benefits, pension plan, counselling service, Employment Insurance, forms, social events and much more. Your fellow union members will be able to help you in your new role within RBE; please seek their assistance. Every staff room should have bulletin board space where CUPE 3766 information on meeting dates, school's shop steward contact info, and other important announcements are posted; please look for this information. Questions, concerns and further assistance can be obtained from your shop steward. If you have any questions or concerns that they are unable to help you with, please contact myself at: jackiechristianson@myaccess.ca.

Communication with our members can sometimes be difficult, but our website www.cupe3766.com is an excellent tool and a great source of information. Do keep in mind that many concerns are discussed at General Membership meetings which cannot be posted publicly on-line, so come out to a meeting to really know what is going on and have your say. Email communication can also work very well, however for confidentiality reasons, we must remember to use our personal email accounts for all union business. As President, I frequently share important and time sensitive information via email; to be included in my emails, please send your personal email address to me at: jackiechristianson@myaccess.ca.

Your union is working very hard for you and all of its members on issues such as contract negotiations, benefits, pensions, working conditions and many others. To find out more please check out our website www.cupe3766.com and come to a general membership meeting; check your school's bulletin board or our website for the date of the next meeting. Once again, welcome to Regina Public Schools and CUPE local 3766.


Jackie Christianson
President CUPE 3766
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